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With internal hard-chrome plating procedure reaching 0,5mm chrome per side and Inconel 625 in combustion space placement procedure.



  1. Cleaning process with hydro blasting
  2.  Sandblasting
  3.  Measurement form
  4.  Premachining diameter, grooves, combustion space
  5.  Magnetic particles inspection
  6.  Preheating treatment
  7.  Rebuilding with sub-merged arc wires as per authorized welding procedure
  8.  Annealing in automatic furnace
  9. Machining in vertical lathe at std instructions, opening grooves for receiving chrome plating
  10.  Rotary hard-chrome plating in specific chrome baths 1.1 mm
  11.  Grinding groove std (continuous monitoring of machine measuring sputtering deposition,equal to 0.5 mm per side)
  12.  Cleaning and testing threading piston skirt
  13.  In case of fault threading new one make in radial machine
  14.  Final check magnetic particles, geometry control, hydro pressure test form measurements
  15.  Sealing company or Lloyd’s, abrasion resistant coating

With repair program that exceed 20.000 hrs of proper functioning.

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We Care Did

you know that repairing parts except of making economy, also protect the environment? Repairing parts consume 30% less energy than new construction. Loukas takes care of the protection of the environment and works constantly for the research and the implementation of new ways to protect the environment. Goals that have achieve collect and tranport of metal scrap shavings and chemical acid chromium for recycling and toxic deactivation.

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