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In our company, "KONSTANTINOS KONTOGIANNIS & CO", with the distinctive title "LOUKAS", we prioritize the protection of your personal information. We understand the importance of your personal data and make every effort to store and process carefully the information you share with us.

We appreciate your trust and for this reason, we inform you about how we collect, use and share your private information (personal data). The collection, use and disclosure of your personal data by us, is based on your consent or the applicable law.


In "KONSTANTINOS KONTOGIANNIS & CO", ("LOUKAS"), we support the protection of your personal data by taking appropriate technical data security measures and internal management procedures, as well as natural data protection measures. Given the trust you show to our company, trusting your personal data, we declare that we take every reasonable step to preserve your personal data.

With our thanks for your interest and your trust, we inform you of the following:

Policy framework

This “Privacy Policy / Personal Data Protection Policy”, applies to this website www.loukas.com.gr, for any web site or online application, for any online and offline promotional activity of our company "KONSTANTINOS KONTOGIANNIS & CO” ("LOUKAS") and its affiliates or related companies, as well as for any service or function offered by us that is referenced in or affiliated with the “Privacy Policy / Personal Data Protection Policy” (collectively referred to as our "Services"). This “Privacy Policy / Personal Data Protection Policy” applies regardless of your use of a computer, mobile phone, tablet, TV or any other device.


What  kind of information we collect

■ Information you provide directly

Some services require the immediate provision of your personal information.


1. If you fill in the "contact form" in order to contact you, we ask for your name, your email address, the subject of your communication with us, and - possibly - fill in further details about the reason you want to communicate with our company.

2. If you are participating in an online or offline search or promotional event which we organize, we may ask for your name, contact details, email address, age and sex, your personal or business interests, and your opinion of our products and / or services.
3. When you enter your contacts information in electronic and printed forms.

■ Information relating to the use of the Services

In addition to the information you provide, we may also collect information about the use of “cloud” services through similar software. For example, we may collect:

1. MAC address information, IP address, operating system version, and other statistics.

2. Login information - such as time and duration of use of the Service, and any information stored in cookies.

■ Information from third parties

We may receive information about you from publicly and commercially available sources (as permitted by law), which we may combine with other information we receive directly from you.
We may also receive information about you from social networking services when you choose to connect to these services.
In particular, based on our ongoing partnerships, we receive information that you have published and / or consented to by the companies:

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. LinkedIn

■ Other information we collect

We may also collect other information about you, your device or the use of services, in the manner described at the collection point or otherwise with your consent. You may choose not to provide us with certain types of information, but if you do, it may affect your ability to use certain Services.

Cookies Policy

 The website www.loukas.com.gr uses “cookies” for the best and personalized experience of its visitors, without storing any identifiable information about them. Using “cookies” (Google Analytics cookies) allows us to identify and measure the number of visitors and to monitor the traffic of the individual pages of our website in order to improve the content and adapt the website to the " visitors habits" when navigating our site. Thus, we are able to make an overall improvement in the way our website works, ensuring that visitors can navigate better in it, can easily locate and find what they need and can fine-tune their site preferences, where there is such a possibility.

“Cookies” are small text files that are stored in the user's browser when he visits a site. The information stored on the user's computer may contain information such as the websites he visited, the date and time of his visit, and a random and unique identification number. By using “cookies”, the site is able to store useful information for the user's browsing and to interpret this information to make it easier for the user by offering him an overall browsing experience.
More information on the general use of “cookies” and their exclusion or restriction methods you can find on the websites http://cookiepedia.co.uk/all-about-cookies and www.allaboutcookies.org
If you do not wish to use “cookies”, you can block their application by viewing your browser settings or by selecting the relevant indicator on our site.

Subscribe to "Newsletter"
The "KONSTANTINOS KONTOGIANNIS & CO" company, ("LOUKAS"), as "Processor", by registering with your “newsletter” recipient list, receives your consent to send you (form itself and / or its affiliates or related companies) “newsletters” related to offers, new services or business extensions.
Your email address will only be used by "KONSTANTINOS KONTOGIANNIS & CO", ("LOUKAS") and will not be disclosed to third parties, even if the “newsletter” refers to products and/or services of third parties or and/or associates, with whom "KONSTANTINOS KONTOGIANNIS & CO" ("LOUKAS") maintains commercial cooperation.
By entering your email address, you will receive an automated message informing you that you have given our company your consent to receive this “newsletter”.
Your statement of consent will be kept for as long as you wish to receive a “newsletter” from "KONSTANTINOS KONTOGIANNIS & CO ", ("LOUKAS") and, however, no more than six (6) months from the termination of their mission.
You can withdraw your consent at any time by following the link at the bottom of each “newsletter”.
You have the right to access, correct, delete, transfer, limit the processing, oppose or withdraw your consent, which you can apply by sending an application to "KONSTANTINOS KONTOGIANNIS & CO", ("LOUKAS") to the email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
If you believe that processing of your personal data is in violation of the "General Data Protection Regulation" (GDPR), you may file a complaint with the “Personal Data Protection Authority” (www.dpa.gr).
For any questions regarding the processing of your personal data and the exercise of your rights, you may contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How we use the information you provide us

We may use the information we collect from you for the following purposes:

  1. To sign up for this site or service.
  2. To receive a Service or a feature that you have requested.
  3. To receive customized content and suggestions based on your earlier activities regarding our Services.
  4. For ads, such as providing customized ads and donor content, and sending promotional updates to you.
  5. In order to be able to fulfill our obligations under any contract with you and for your service in connection with this contract.
  6. To evaluate and analyze our market, customers, products and services (such as when we ask for your opinion on our products and services, and when conducting customer surveys).
  7. To understand how users use our Services and to improve and develop new products and services.
  8. To provide support services for the Software and Services we provide to you under our contract.
  9. For any lawful use based on applicable law, following your explicit consent.

With whom do we share your personal information
"KONSTANTINOS KONTOGIANNIS & CO", ("LOUKAS") undertakes not to disclose personal information provided by you or from visitors to its website, to third parties for their own independent business purposes or for marketing purposes, without your prior consent.

However, we may disclose your information to the following entities:

  1. Service providers and / or any third party may process for us. We may also disclose your information to companies that provide services on our behalf or in our own name, such as companies sending emails on our behalf.
  2. 2. Other "third parties" when required by law or when we ought to protect our Services. There may be cases in which we will disclose your information to "third parties" in order to comply with the law or to comply with a mandatory legal process (such as a search warrant or other court order) and / or to confirm or enforce our compliance with the policies governing our Services and to protect the rights, property or security of the Company or any related company, business partner or client.
  3. Other "third" parties in relation to corporate transactions. We may disclose your information to third parties in the context of a merger or transfer or in the event of bankruptcy.
  4. Other “third” parties with your consent or at your request. In addition to the disclosures described in this “Privacy Policy”, we may share information about you with third parties if you give us your consent or request it from us.

What we do to keep your personal data safe
We have taken reasonable and appropriate, physical and technical measures to protect the personal information we collect in connection with our Services. However, keep in mind that - although we take reasonable steps to protect your information - no web site, no internet transmission, no computer system is completely safe.
Access to your personal information

Under the law, you are entitled to request details of the information we collect and to correct any inaccuracies or errors in this information. Any further legitimate user rights remain unaffected. If permitted by law, we may charge you a small fee for providing this feature after the first time it is offered for free. We may refuse to make requests that are repeated unreasonably, require disproportionate technical effort, jeopardize the privacy of others, are extremely impractical, or involve access not required by law. If you would like to request access to your information, please contact either the "Contact" section (at www.loukas.com.gr or by phone at 0030 210 46 12465, or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , daily from Monday to Friday and from 08:00 to 16:00.

Data retention
We take appropriate steps to ensure that your personal information is retained only for as long as necessary for the purpose for which it was collected or for as long as required by contract or under applicable law. In any case, the data remains in our electronic database for at least sixty (60) months and is deleted or renewed upon your own request.

If you sign in with a social networking service, we may receive and store certification information from this service to allow you to log in as well as any other information you will provide us when you connect to these services.

The trademarks appearing on this site are proprietary and are the intellectual property of "KONSTANTINOS KONTOGIANNIS & CO", ("LOUKAS"). All third-party product names listed on this site are recognized as trademarks of their respective owners.

Software piracy

"Software piracy" is the unauthorized use of a computer program, including installation, reproduction, copying and distribution.

In Greece, there is legislation on the use of illegal software. To learn more about “software piracy” and the legal framework, how to protect and control tools, visit www.bsa.org.

Changes to the “Privacy Policy/ Personal Data Protection Policy” text
It is also important to check regularly for any updates, this "Privacy Policy / Personal Data Protection Policy”. By accessing or using our Services, and if such an updated version of this "Privacy Policy / Personal Data Protection Policy” is posted, you automatically agree with the new practices contained in the update. The latest version of "Privacy Policy/Personal Data Protection Policy" will always be at www.loukas.com.gr . You can check the "Effective Date" (at the bottom of this) to see when the “Privacy Policy /Personal Data Protection Policy” was last updated.

This “Policy” may be modified. In that case, the date of entry into force at the end of this text will also be renewed. When it comes to meaningful changes to the text, we will notify you through a noticeable announcement on our website.
Editorial Date
of this “Privacy Policy / Personal Data Protection Policy “:
May 25, 2018



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you know that repairing parts except of making economy, also protect the environment? Repairing parts consume 30% less energy than new construction. Loukas takes care of the protection of the environment and works constantly for the research and the implementation of new ways to protect the environment. Goals that have achieve collect and tranport of metal scrap shavings and chemical acid chromium for recycling and toxic deactivation.

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